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We offer a complete range of swimming pools entirely manufactured in our factory in Mirabel, Quebec. The excellence of our products is the result of the constant use of equipment at the cutting edge of technology, along with our engineers’ critical thinking skills and innovative mindsets.

We are committed to keeping our production clean and saving energy. By choosing Cornelius, you are also contributing to environmental sustainability. We only use the latest technological equipment specifically designed to reduce water and energy consumption.

In order to avoid waste, the purchase of materials is based on the exact quantity of products to be manufactured. To reduce our products’ economical footprint, we maximize the amount of recycled materials that go into their composition. We recycle all of the following residual materials: paper, cardboard, vinyl, metal, PVC, Polypro, stainless and wood.

Cornelius offers an innovative and sustainable range of swimming pools. Our products’ excellence and success is, in part, due to our state-of-the-art equipment and to the critical spirit of engineers who are always on the look out for innovations in the field.

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