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Our legacy began back in the early 1970s when Mr. Luigi Spedini (founder of Agrisilos S.r.l. and Piscine Laghetto) developed a round swimming pool that incorporated an inflatable collar. This pool design was so unique that a patent was applied for and received in Europe (patent no. 168558). This pool was then branded and sold by Piscine Laghetto of Vescovato, Italy.

Europeans everywhere were able to enjoy the versatility this pool had to offer by being able to set up their Laghetto pool during the warmer months of the year and store it during the cold, winter months.

Laghetto pools were introduced into the United States as a result of an exclusive marketing and distribution arrangement between Splash SuperPools, Ltd. and Agrisilos in 1986. Due to the overwhelming acceptance of the pool by families everywhere, importing of the pools could not keep up with the demand resulting in Splash establishing manufacturing operations in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Splash continues to serve as the industry standard by offering more shapes, sizes, and depths than any other above-ground pool seller in the market. Furthermore, we continue to service more and more commercial customers by providing aquatic products that meet the unique demands of our customers, regardless of the pool’s intended size or use.

We choose to differentiate our company and our products from our competitors by being committed to building our pools and servicing our customers in the markets in which we operate.

At Splash, we are committed to making summers more enjoyable for our residential customers and profitable for commercial customers.

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