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American Whirlpool, a brand driven by innovation and quality, continues its history of building hot tubs and swim spas to be enjoyed for the lifetime of the product. No surprise here as American Whirlpool is built by MAAX Spas, an industry leader in luxury hot water products.

MAAX® originated in 1969 with the founding of modern fiberglass and metal. From the beginning, MAAX® was committed to long-lasting quality, innovation, and a drive to delight customers.  These values propelled us into becoming a leading manufacturer of modern whirlpool systems.

Through the years, MAAX® has expanded by acquiring companies such as Coleman™ Spas, Savannah, Vita Spas, and Infiniti. In 2017 MAAX Spas merged with American Bath Group creating a powerful synergy between bath and hot tubs.

MAAX® Spas has earned a solid reputation by staying true to its original values. Today, MAAX® Spas continues the legacy by offering the world’s first Appliance Grade hot tubs. We call it “Built to the MAAX”.

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