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Outdoor furniture with purpose.

Wisconsinites tend to be an active bunch! We love socializing, getting outdoors and marveling in the seasonal wonders that Wisconsin offers. Our late owner Matt Morse loved Wisconsin and embodied that passion for being with people outside. It’s that passion for people and sharing time outdoors that created the desire to build custom furniture that could withstand the long summer nights and cold winter weather that Wisconsin offers.

Located 30 minutes west of Milwaukee, The Prestwick Group has always been an innovator. We produce high quality, sustainable products from recycled materials. Being one of the first to bring HDPE materials to the golf industry over 25 years ago, we have expanded to serve many of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Our customers love how durable our products are in all weather conditions and continually asked if we could build dining and seating options made from the same high grade recycled plastic. Given our consultative property approach, material expertise, manufacturing capabilities and growing demand from our clients, we felt we could build better outdoor furniture for commercial applications. Hence, Sister Bay Furniture was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of The Prestwick Group.

The purpose behind our products.

The purpose of well built, commercial-grade furniture is to bring people together for years to come. At Prestwick and now Sister Bay Furniture, we’ve never cut corners or used cheaper materials to produce our products.

Our furniture is built to be comfortable and withstand the elements. It won’t warp from the summer heat or crack from freezing temperatures, requiring minimal maintenance. We believe that a higher quality, longer lasting product that is customizable, well designed, and cozy will appeal more to our customers over the long term. It’s why we use thicker material and choose mortise and tenon joints construction methods. It’s the reason we’ve grown and built long term relationships with our customers.

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