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Stealth Hot Tubs are built by one of the world’s largest hot tub manufacturers, in the world’s largest hot tub factory. Our spas undergo a thorough build checklist, and are fully tested and inspected in the factory to ensure your spa is built to our highest standards. The use of industry-leading Aristech Acrylic on our Stealth Hot Tubs means your spa shell is built to last. Coupled with the energy-efficient spa shell, SpaQuilt insulation ensures the Stealth Hot Tubs are one of the most energy efficient spas on the market today. Stealth Hot Tubs also incorporates state-of-the-art Balboa electronics to control our spas. The U.S.A.-based company rigorously tests their equipment in the harshest of climates to ensure unparalleled performance. Industry-leading LX pumps propel our spa water delivering the ultimate relaxing hydrotherapy experience. We manufacture our series of spas to be long lasting and also be maintenance free. All of our hot tubs come complete with a stainless steel structure and ABS base. Internal pipework is glued and clipped to ensure your spa does not leak and withstands heavy usage. You can have total ease that your new spa comes complete with some of the best components available. Choose from one of 3 stunning cutting edge shades of Acrylic for your spa. We pride ourselves on using the best components available when we manufacture our hot tub series. From luxury American components to executive hydrotherapy massage pumps and jets. Our goal is to bring you the best quality hot tubs in the market at an affordable price. Unwind in our affordable yet superior hot tub series and begin your journey to ultimate relaxation today.

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