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Our misting pumps are designed to operate at 1000 psi. The 110V pumps have a standard plug for your home outlet and garden hose adapter to fit your outdoor spigot for the water supply. We use a 3/8" compression fitting on the outlet of the pump to attach to high pressure nylon tubing. Our pulley pumps are our quietest 1000 psi pump units. As the name suggests, the enclosed water pump pulley produces the pressure using a pulley belt attached from the pump to the motor which runs at 1450 rpm. All of our pulley pumps are equipped with a dual filter system to help eliminate clogged nozzles from sediment. This pump is designed to be set on a level surface because it is filled with oil (We recommend to change the oil after every 500 hours of use). Our pumps are assembled with a normally closed solenoid valve to stop the water flowing through the unit when it is turned off. Other features that are standard on our pumps are high quality CAT pump, liquid filled pressure gauge, durable powder coat finish on a totally enclosed housing, panel mount disconnect switch, internally fan cooled, and a 6 ft power cord.

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While every reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy, due to continuous product improvement, standard features, options, pricing, and specifications may change at any time without notice. Please contact us for current information.